Villanova Global AG is a distributor of specialty fertilizers and bio-stimulants to the agriculture greenhouses and irrigation industries. Established on 26th of September 2016, we have started to sell specialty fertilizers such as TMAP, MKP, PN, MgS and an industrial-grade of Ad Blue Urea. 

At the end of 2018, we have signed up an exclusivity agreement to distribute bio-stimulants produced in New Zealand to Europe Middle East & Africa, as for the rest of the world, we are able to distribute without exclusivity. 

With Bio-stimulants we have created our own brand, Active Grow®, and started to distribute Sea Weed Extract BIO, Amino, Cherry Split, and other formulas based on the Sea Weed Extract, all under the main brand of Active Grow®.

Today, we have added more products such as Low Biuret Urea, Urea Phosphate, WS SOP & MgN. 

The 4th World Biostimulants Congress, Barcelona

November 2019

Villanova participated in the 4th Biostimulants Congress and presented the main biostimulant products to more than 1,600 visitors at the conference.