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Wild Horses


We are distributing all Shield's BIO Pesticides products in Switzerland and in the United Kingdom

For Horse Stables, Cowsheds, Pig Sty, Hen Houses, Gardens, Parks & Fields.

Keep all kinds of flies, mosquitos, bees & other insects away from your animals, gardens, parks, and fields.

Over the past three decades, Shield has remained focused on delivering eco-friendly pest control solutions. With deep focus on Research & Development, Shield has brought to market innovative solutions that effectively eliminate pests while protecting the natural environment of humans, and their pets and animals. Shield's multidisciplinary R&D facilities employ leading scientists who remain at the forefront of chemistry and environmental sciences. Shield’s advanced production line and lab facilities feature state of the art technologies. The quality control process applies to all laboratory and production employees based on self-inspection and evaluation, ensuring continuous quality control and improvement.