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Available in 1 lt, 5 lt, and 20 lt.  Contact us for 20 lt option.


ACTIVE GROW® Amino is an organic product made from Amino acids with seaweed extract, stimulating optimal biochemical metabolism and genetic expression. It delivers 9% Nitrogen from an organic source of Amino acids. Combined biochemical activities, nutrients, and up-regulation of gene expression bring increased photosynthesis, increased nutrient uptake, and increased anti-oxidation activity.


ACTIVE GROW® AMINO supports the plant immune system to induce resistance to adverse weather conditions.


CHF33.00 Regular Price
CHF27.00Sale Price

    Recommendations for Foliar or Fertigation application. Field Crops: 4-8 l/ha. From stem elongation to booting. Fruit Trees and Plantations: 8-16 l/ ha. Prior the flowering initiation, fruit set, then ones in 2 weeks. Olive Trees: 15-25 l/ha. Every 14 days during the greatest vegetative growth periods. Greens and Nurseries: 8-16 l/ha. Every 14 days in full vegetative growth.

    Leafy Vegetables: 10-20 l/ha. Every 14 days from the first green leaves. Vegetables: 10-25 l/ha. Every 8 to 12 days from transplant to full production phase. Tank mix at 16°C (or above) water temperature for full dissolution. The ACTIVE GROW® AMINO is recommended to be applied by itself or mixed with the soluble fertilizer applied.

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