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ACTIVE GROW® Amino is an organic product made from Amino acids with seaweed extract, stimulating optimal biochemical metabolism and genetic expression. It delivers 9% Nitrogen from an organic source of Amino acids. Combined biochemical activities, nutrients, and up-regulation of gene expression bring increased photosynthesis, increased nutrient uptake, and increased anti-oxidation activity.


ACTIVE GROW® AMINO supports the plant immune system to induce resistance to adverse weather conditions.



    Recommendations for Foliar or Fertigation application. Field Crops: 4-8 l/ha. From stem elongation to booting. Fruit Trees and Plantations: 8-16 l/ ha. Prior the flowering initiation, fruit set, then ones in 2 weeks. Olive Trees: 15-25 l/ha. Every 14 days during the greatest vegetative growth periods. Greens and Nurseries: 8-16 l/ha. Every 14 days in full vegetative growth.

    Leafy Vegetables: 10-20 l/ha. Every 14 days from the first green leaves. Vegetables: 10-25 l/ha. Every 8 to 12 days from transplant to full production phase. Tank mix at 16°C (or above) water temperature for full dissolution. The ACTIVE GROW® AMINO is recommended to be applied by itself or mixed with the soluble fertilizer applied.


    Geeignet zum Giessen aller Arten von Pflanzen, Bäumen, Topfpflanzen und Sträuchern.

    Sie können die verdünnte Düngerlösung auch direkt auf die Blätter sprühen.
    20 ml (1 KAPPE) FÜR 1 L WASSER