Seaweed Biostimulants Organic Fertilizers

Active Grow® Bio is extracted exclusively from brown algea. International research confirms the usefulness of brown Undaria pinnatifida which is classified as an invasive seaweed. This makes it one of the most effective and ecologically responsible organic plant nutrient suspensions available. It has a stimulative effect on plants, especially during early growth and periods of stress such as drought, heat, seaweed like Undaria in improving soil microbial activity which leads directly to better plant health.


Seaweed-based Nutrition

  • Increases crop yields

  • Improves plant performance

  • Protects against stress


Seaweed Extract & Amino Acid

  • Provides superior nutrition

  • Improves plant performance

  • Enhances growth


Seaweed Extract & Osmolyte

  • Reduces fruit splitting

  • Reduces abiotic stress

New Zealand made innovative solutions for the nutrition and health of plants

Villanova Active Grow® plant care products use the power and abundance of the ocean to provide you and your crops with the powerful edge in quality nutrition and yield.
Our product formulations use 100% wild harvested seaweed made exclusively from non-native invasive brown algae species - Undaria pinnatifida.
The naturally occurring bio-stimulants and the synergistic combination of over 70 key trace elements make the Active Grow® product range a superior soil and plant feeder.
Increase photosynthesis, nutrient uptake and immune response. Prevent chemical and environmental induced stress. Feed beneficial soil biology and improve the health of the entire plant from the roots up!

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Undaria Pinnatifida is a brown seaweed founded by Harvey Suringar at 1873. Native to the Japan Sea, particularly on the coasts of Japan, west of Hokkaido, coasts of Korea and New Zealand.


Harvested near the Marlborough Sounds in New Zealand, Mechanically extracted fresh from sea without any chemical and in room temperature.


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