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Available in 1 lt, 5 lt, and 20 lt.  Contact us for 20 lt option.


ACTIVE GROW® SPLIT FIX is a novel product that combines biostimulant qualities extracted from the New Zealand clean and cold sea Brown Kelp, Undaria pinnatifida, with a high level of natural osmolyte. These ingredients combine to help the plant tissue to stay intact even under high water stress and generally reduce abiotic stress in plants.      


ACTIVE GROW® SPLIT FIX is mainly an osmolyte. Osmolytes help maintains cellular fluid balance by interacting with water molecules. As a highly efficient osmolyte, seaweed combined with high amounts of TMG accumulates in cells protecting them from osmotic stress and dehydration by maintaining their water and ion balance.


Optimal cell functions are consequently maintained during periods of osmotic stress. Maintaining water balance in cells is an energy-consuming process. Thus ACTIVE GROW® SPLIT FIX spares valuable metabolic energy which can be used for other metabolic processes such as growth or fruit production.


A secondary mode of action is a well-documented ability of seaweed extract to strengthen and thicken a plant cell wall. A thicker cell wall can help the plant to reduce transpiration, increase resistance to cold weather stress.



    FOLIAR APPLICATION General recommendation: 4-7.5 l/ha 2-5 applications per growth season. Field crops: 2-5 l/ha 3-4 times. Pasture: 2-5 l/ha. Dilute 1:100 up to 1:200. Viticulture: Spray 2 – 5 l/ha at 20- 30cm cane, at 40-60cm cane, at prebloom and then every second week. Apply 5 l/ha per season in the Fall.

    Cherries – for split reduction: 5 l/ha every 7-10 days from early colour change through to 5 days pre-harvest. Grapes – for early season, cool temperature stress reduction: 1.5 l/ha, 2 weeks after bud break, increasing the rate with each application up to 4 l/ha at pre-flower. Based on 2.5M row spacing.

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